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Using the Netgear AirCard 340U (AT&T Beam) USB modem in the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT
My first few PING's timeout or take several seconds to reply.
Mounting template for LAN-Cell 2.
About Mobile Terminating Data Service, Custom APN's, Dynamic DNS & Inbound Connections on AT&T Mobility
Tech Note: Configuring Dynamic DNS on the LAN-Cell 2
How do I "ping" a device attached to the LAN-Cell from the Internet?
Can the LAN-Cell be powered from a solar cell, battery or vehicle power source?
Attaching a Card-Guard external antenna pigtail to the Novatel PC-770 (Verizon) / C777 (Sprint) 3G modem
Service Provider field says "Unknown".
I get an error message when attempting to upgrade the firmware.
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