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Locking Verizon / Novatel USB551L into 3G or 4G Mode
Novatel USB551L / MC679 Flashes Yellow/Green LED
Verizon / Novatel USB551L does not work in VZ Access Manager after use in router
Tips for using Verizon Wireless 4G modems in the LAN-Cell 3
Verizon / Novatel USB551L Modem LED Status LED Indicator
Attaching a Card-Guard external antenna pigtail to the Novatel PC-770 (Verizon) / C777 (Sprint) 3G modem
Attaching Card-Guard pigtail to the Novatel EX720 & V740.
Signal strength display does not update when using the Novatel PC-770 (Verizon) or C777 (Sprint) 3G modem
Novatel Wireless Ovation MC679 Modem LED Status LED Indicator
Which USB modems does the PocketPORT support?
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