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Locking Verizon / Novatel USB551L into 3G or 4G Mode
Locking Verizon / Pantech UML290 into 3G or 4G Mode
External antenna port location on Sierra Wireless 312U, 313U, 320U, 330U modems
Sierra Wireless 312U, 313U, 319U, 320U Status LED Indicators
Cellular Connection Status stays NOT REG or INIT for a long time.
My first few PING's timeout or take several seconds to reply.
What is the lowest acceptable CSQ value?
Tech Note: Configuring the Proxicast Wi-Fi Client Bridge+Access Point for the LAN-Cell 2
Using the Sprint Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB Modem (Franklin Wireless U770) with the LAN-Cell 3
About Mobile Terminating Data Service, Custom APN's, Dynamic DNS & Inbound Connections on AT&T Mobility
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