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I'm having trouble with DynDNS updates
CRITICAL: Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 AT&T firmware upgrade requires patch to LAN-Cell 2 firmware
SMTP Server information for Verizon Wireless
Unable to send log E-Mails via my ISP's SMTP server
Unable to send log E-Mails via free web mail services like Yahoo, GMail (Google), MSN/HotMail, etc.
How can I keep more than 128 log file entries?
What does (CE to CE/LC) mean in the LAN-Cell 2 log?
How can I send log and alert E-Mails to more than 1 person?
All of my log entries are dated 01/01/2000.
Can the LAN-Cell send logs to a TCP port other than 25 (SMTP default)?
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