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  12v   12V   12vdc   12VDC   230   access   account   adapter   adaptor   address   backup   blinking   button   carrier   cell   cellular   CFG   change   clone   communications   config   configuration   connection   controller,   convert   converter   convertor   copy   cycle   DB9   dc   DC   DDNS   default   down   drop   duplicate   Dyn   DynDNS   error   Ethernet,   European   fail   failure   fall   flashing   forward   FORWARD   forwarding   FORWARDING   German   GPRS   GSM   incoming   init   initialize   isp   jack   light   login   mac,   map   mapping   media   message,   mobile   modem   msg,   NAT   network   operator   over   parameters   PAT   phone   ping   port   PORT   power   Power   private   public   quit   reboot   redirect   redirection   REG   registration   remote   reset   restart   serial   serivce   server   signal   single   smart   software   strength   SUA   switch   talk   terminal   text,   timeout   translate   translation   tty   unlimited   upgrade   user   vdc   wall   wan   working  

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