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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
The LAN-Cell 2 does not recognize my PC-Card modem.

Answer / Solution
Support for specific 3G PC-Card (PCMCIA and ExpressCard) modems is included in each LAN-Cell 2 firmware release.  The firmware is only able to recognize 3G modems for which it has drivers included in the current firmware release.

Proxicast is constantly adding support for new 3G cards.  See the links below for the list of 3G PC-Card modems supported in the current firmware release, as well as a link where you can download updated firmware for the LAN-Cell 2.

Some 3G modems (esp. CDMA models) must be initialized on the cellular carrier's network before they can be used in the LAN-Cell 2.   Please follow the 3G modem activation and initialization instructions from your carrier or card manufacturer to ensure that the card operates properly in a Windows PC before using it with the LAN-Cell 2.

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