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Last Update : 2014/01/08
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Question / Issue
LAN-Cell 2 reboots continuously

Answer / Solution

If the LAN-Cell 2 will not complete its boot-up cycle (Power LED never stops flashing), it may be because a non-supported 3G modem card is inserted.

Power off the LAN-Cell 2 and remove the 3G modem card.  Power on the unit and it should boot up normally.  Check the firmware version on the Home screen. 

Refer to the firmware Release Notes on the Support CD or on our Support Web site ( for your firmware version.  You can upgrade to the latest firmware and card support by downloading a firmware package from our Support Web site:

If the LAN-Cell 2 will not complete a boot-up cycle with no 3G card inserted, please contact Technical Support for additional troubleshooting assistance.

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