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Last Update : 2008/06/26
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Question / Issue
Can I disable one or more of the LAN ports on the LAN-Cell 2?

Answer / Solution

While you can't technically "disable" the LAN ports, you can do the following to prevent unexpected devices from connecting to one of the LAN ports and accessing the Internet or your other LAN equipment:

  • Using the Port Roles screen, define all unused physical LAN ports as part of a virtual subnet other than the LAN, for example the DMZ or WLAN subnets.

  • Configure the DMZ or WLAN interfaces with private IP address subnets different than your LAN subnet and disable the DHCP server on those subnets by setting it to NONE.

  • Use the Firewall's Default Rules to drop packets flowing from the unused subnet (DMZ or WLAN) to the LAN, WAN and Cellular interfaces.

This will prevent any devices from connecting to unused LAN ports unless they happen to know the IP subnet.  Even if they do, the Firewall rules will prevent packets from flowing to the Internet or your LAN-based devices.

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