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Question / Issue
CRITICAL: Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 AT&T firmware upgrade requires patch to LAN-Cell 2 firmware

Answer / Solution

Sierra Wireless has released a firmware update to AirCard 881 PC-Card modems used on AT&T that has introduced an incompatibility with all versions of the LAN-Cell 2 firmware. 

Sierra Firmware: AC881_F1_2_3_15Cap.exe  Version F1.2.3.15C (9.28 MB) [9/29/2008]

Once the AC881 card is updated to this firmware it cannot be used in the LAN-Cell 2 unless the LAN-Cell 2's firmware is also upgraded (see below).  The AC881 cannot be "downgraded" once the Sierra Wireless firmware above is installed.

To determine the firmware version running on your AC881 card, insert the card into a laptop and run the AT&T Communication Manager software.  Select TOOLS>DIAGNOSTICS>GSM INFO and find the firmware version on this screen.

If firmware F1.2.3.15C is running on an AC881 and it is inserted into an unpatched LAN-Cell 2, the LAN-Cell 2 will fail to fully boot up and the power LED will continue to flash.  You must power off the LAN-Cell 2 and remove the AC881 in order to apply the required software patch.

Proxicast has developed a patch to the LAN-Cell 2 firmware to resolve the compatibility issue:

The patch can be downloaded from the Proxicast Support Downloads page:

The updated AC881 card driver support will be incorporated into all future LAN-Cell 2 firmware releases after 4.02(AQP.3).  At this time, Proxicast recommends only applying the LAN-Cell 2 firmware patch if you are directly affected by the AC881 card firmware upgrade issue described above.

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