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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
Tips for optimizing the performance of the Pantech / Verizon Wireless UML290 4G/LTE USB modem

Answer / Solution

 - Ensure that the UML290 has the latest firmware installed. Check the firmware version using VZ Access Manager

- Ensure that the UML290 is operating LAN mode, rather than Windows Mobile Broadband mode (also check and change in VZ Access Manager)

- For fixed locations, lock the UML290 into either 3G only or 4G only mode depending on the best service at each location. This does not affect the way that you configure the Proxicast equipment.

- Maximize the UML290's signal strength via location selection and/or external antennas.

- Ensure that the UML290 is operated with its cover rotated open and that it has adequate ventilation.

- Optionally, use a external Internet enable power switch to automatically power cycle the equipment when Internet connectivity is lost.

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