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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
Can I connect a serial data device to the CFG (DB9), Console or AUX (RJ45) ports?

Answer / Solution
No.  The Configuration/Console Port (CFG) is only for diagnostic and LAN-Cell modem configuration purposes.  It cannot be configured to accept data from serial devices that is routed over the WAN interfaces.  On the LAN-Cell 2, the AUX port is strictly used to support serial modem devices (such as POTS or satellite modems) that are part of the WAN interface.

In order to connect serial data devices (e.g. data-loggers, PLC's, RTU's, ATM's, cash registers, other instruments), you must use an external serial-to-Ethernet converter (device server) and connect the Ethernet interface to one of the LAN-Cell's LAN ports. 

There are many manufacturers of serial-to-Ethernet converters and device servers who can provide the features necessary for your specific application.  In general, these devices are transparent to the LAN-Cell, although SUA/NAT port-forwarding and/or firewall rules may be required to properly pass IP traffic from the WAN to the serial device.  Please consult the setup instructions for your serial-to-Ethernet converter.

Contact or visit our Online Ordering System for more information on serial device servers for use with the LAN-Cell.

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