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Last Update : 2006/04/20
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Example VPN network map for non-PC devices

Answer / Solution
See the attached JPEG image for an example of using the LAN-Cell's integrated VPN client/server feature to establish an end-to-end encrypted IPSec tunnel between non-PC devices and a host network using the Internet. 

In this example, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is connected via a serial link to piece of data collection equipment.  The PLC converts the serial data from the equipment to TCP/IP packets and is connected to the LAN-Cell via Ethernet.  The LAN-Cell encrypts the IP packets and sends them through the VPN tunnel over the cellular carrier's network and the Internet to a remote host network where a monitoring PC is located.  No special software or configuration is required on the PLC or data collection equipment.  Of course, this same VPN configuration can be used for local PCs which do not have VPN client software installed.

A VPN server (router, concentrator or firewall) is required on the remote host network.  The LAN-Cell is interoperable with most IPSec VPN solutions including those from Cisco, ZyXEL, SonicWALL, and others.

The VPN tunnel can be initiated either by packets originating from the equipment locally attached to the LAN-Cell or by packets sent from the remote host network to the LAN-Cell.

The LAN-Cell's VPN features are available on all CDMA and GSM/GPRS models.

LAN-Cell VPN Example.jpg (76.1Kb)

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