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Question / Issue
The SMS LED is on.

Answer / Solution
The CDMA LAN-Cell models include an LED marked SMS.  While the LAN-Cell is capable of receiving SMS messages, they are currently not read or used by the LAN-Cell in any way. 

When the SMS LED is on, it simply means that someone has sent a text message to the LAN-Cell's phone number.  This may have been an unintentional "wrong number" or it may be your cellular carrier sending out promotional messages.

You can safely ignore the SMS LED status on the LAN-Cell.  If you want to turn off the LED, you can place the LAN-Cell into configuration mode and using a terminal attached to the CFG port, enter the command: 
This will delete the SMS message.  You may need to issue this command several times if more than 1 SMS message has been queued on the LAN-Cell.

You may also want to contact your cellular carrier to see if SMS text messaging can be disabled on your service account to prevent future messages from activating the SMS LED.  Some service plans charge for all SMS messages received, so disabling this feature can avoid unexpected charges.

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