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Question / Issue
Web (or Telnet) Administrator is configuring this device

Answer / Solution

The message WEB (or TELNET) Administrator is configuring this device appears when you you attempt to log into the LAN-Cell's Web Configurator.

This message is caused by one of the following conditions:

  1. Another user is concurrently logged in to the Web Configurator or Telnet/SSH management terminal on another PC (via either a LAN or WAN connection).

  2. The Web Configurator is already open in another web browser window on your PC.

  3. You have the Telnet/SSH management terminal open in another window.

  4. Your browser disconnected from the LAN-Cell unexpectedly (without logging out) and the Administrator Inactivity Timer has not yet expired (or was set to 0).

In these cases you can either wait until the System Administrator Inactivity Timer expires (default value is 5 minutes) or you can connect to the LAN-Cell using Telnet or SSH and log in with the web administrator's password.  This will force the existing Web Configurator session to terminate immediately.  You can Exit from the Telnet/SSH management terminal (menu option #99) and log in using the Web Configurator as normal.

NOTE: Setting the System Administrator Inactivity Timer to 0 disables the timer and prevents the LAN-Cell from ever terminating a management connection due to inactivity.  If you are unable connect using the technique above, you must power-cycle the LAN-Cell to close all management sessions.  We do not recommend disabling the Inactivity Timer.

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