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Question / Issue
Cellular Connection Status stays NOT REG or INIT for a long time.

Answer / Solution
Prior to making a cellular connection, the LAN-Cell 2 goes through a process of initializing the PC-Card modem with the necessary configuration commands and then scanning the radio spectrum for the cellular carrier's signal.  The LAN-Cell 2 attempts to find the fastest available connection type to the preferred carrier, then searches for available "roaming" networks if the primary carrier is not available.  Once a compatible signal is found, the LAN-Cell "registers" the PC-Card modem with the carrier's network to make a radio-level connection (but not a data session connection yet).  Once registration is successful, the LAN-Cell proceeds to attempt a data session connection using the security protocols defined by the carrier and on the LAN-Cell's CELLULAR configuration screen.

Depending upon the radio environment at your location and the configuration of the PC-Card modem, the registration process may take several seconds to several minutes.  One way to shorten this time is to prevent the LAN-Cell from scanning all available radio frequency bands by selecting a specific band on the CELLULAR configuration screen.  However, if the selected radio frequency range is not available at your location, the LAN-Cell will not "fall back" to slower networks types (e.g. GPRS rather than EDGE). 

Also, check the signal strength at your location -- Poor signal strength may prevent the registration process from completing, requiring the PC-Card modem to be reinitialized and the registration process reattempted.

Finally, check that your PC-Card modem is properly provisioned and configured for the desired cellular carrier's network.  Confirm that you can make a connection with the PC-Card modem in a laptop.

The LAN-Cell 2 puts the PC-Card modem through the Initialization and Registration processes prior to each connection to the cellular network, for example at power-up and prior to each redial attempt after a disconnection from the cellular network.

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