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FAQ ID # 39
Last Update : 2006/02/14
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Question / Issue
I get an error message when attempting to upgrade the firmware.

Answer / Solution

Firmware updates for the LAN-Cell are delivered as ZIP archives and contain the firmware binary file (.bin) as well as release notes, installation instructions and other relevent documentation.  Extract the the files to a temporary location on your PC.

Be sure that you are attempting to load the .bin firmware file.

The firmware file may have become corrupt.  Download a new copy from the Proxicast Support web site.

If you still receive errors, your LAN-Cell may not have enough free memory to load the firmware update:

Backup the LAN-Cell's configuration to your PC and then press & hold the Reset button for 5 seconds until the Power LED begins to blink.  Once the LAN-Cell boots up, connect to the default interface ( password = 1234) and load the firmware.  When complete, then reload the configuration file that you saved in the previous step.

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