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Last Update : 2007/09/24
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Question / Issue
Unable to access LAN-Cell's Web Configuration pages over Sprint PCS network.

Answer / Solution
By default, most Sprint PCS cellular data accounts have TCP Port 80 (HTTP) blocked for "inbound" traffic (from the Internet to the LAN-Cell).

You can use the HTTPS protocol (TCP port 443) to access the LAN-Cell over Sprint, as this port is typically not blocked (e.g. If your browser reports an error with the LAN-Cell's certificate, continue on to the LAN-Cell's Web Configurator.  Go to the CERTIFICATES menu, view the details of the certificate, export it to a file, then import the LAN-Cell's certificate into your browser.  Then close and reopen your browser.  Otherwise, follow one of the steps below to change the LAN-Cell's default HTTP Remote Management port.

Prior to deploying the LAN-Cell in a remote location, log into the Web Configurator via the LAN and change the HTTP Remote Management port to a different TCP port number (for example port 81).  Also modify the CELL to CELL/LAN-CELL firewall rule to allow the new TCP port (81) to pass through the firewall.  (For models 1xMG-401 and GPRS-401, the firewall rule is labeled WAN to WAN/LAN-Cell).  You may need to add a custom port/service for the new port number that you select before adding the firewall rule.

If your LAN-Cell is already remotely deployed on Sprint, you can change the HTTP Remote Management Port and Firewall rules by using Telnet or SSH to log into the LAN-Cell's System Management Terminal (SMT) (e.g. telnet://  Use the password from the Web Configurator and then select Menu Option 24 (System Management) and then Option 11(Remote Management).  Tab down to the HTTP entry and change the port from 80 to 81.  Tab to the bottom of the screen and press Enter to save your changes.

Press ESC to return to the main SMT menu and selection Option 21 (Filter and Firewall) then Option 2 (Firewall Setup).  Temporarily disable the firewall by setting Active to NO.  Press Enter twice to save this setting.  Press ESC to return to the main SMT menu, then Option 99 to log out.

After making these changes, you must append the new port number to the HTTP request (e.g. when accessing the LAN-Cell's Web Configurator from your browser. 

If you disabled the Firewall, then add the new rule for port 81 as described above and make the firewall active again using the Web Configurator.

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