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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
If I create a VPN tunnel, do I also need to create NAT and Firewall rules?

Answer / Solution
In general, no.

If your only access to remote devices connected to the LAN-Cell is through a VPN tunnel, then NAT and Firewall rules will not come into play.  VPN traffic is still inspected by the firewall, but the default rules allow all VPN to VPN traffic to pass through.  There is also a default firewall rule that enables IKE traffic to flow to the LAN-Cell in order to establish the VPN tunnel.

Network Address Translation (NAT) and port-forwarding are used to map public IP addresses and ports to private IP addresses and ports behind the LAN-Cell.  The VPN tunnel will give you "peer-to-peer" LAN access between the private networks without passing through the NAT feature.

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