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FAQ ID # 110
Last Update : 2008/07/02
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Question / Issue
LAN and/or WiFi clients unable to access the Internet.

Answer / Solution

If PC's or other devices connected to the LAN-Cell's LAN or WiFi interfaces are unable to access sites on the Internet, check the following:

  • If the devices are set to receive their IP address information automatically via DHCP. be sure that the DHCP server is enabled for the corresponding interface on the LAN-Cell (e.g. LAN, DMZ, WLAN).  Note that the integrated WiFi Access Point is bridged to the LAN interface by default, but can alternately be bridged to the DMZ or WLAN interfaces.  The LAN, DMZ and WLAN interfaces have independent DHCP servers (Figure 1),

    Figure 1: DHCP Server Settings for LAN Interface

  • Check that the DNS Server information that is to be handed out by the DHCP server is correct.  Typically you will want to allow the DNS information assigned by your WAN/Cellular ISP to be passed out to LAN-attached devices (Figure 2).  This information is under the ADVANCED>DNS menu.

    Figure 2: DNS Settings for DHCP Server

  • If your local devices have statically assigned IP information, check that they have the correct Default Gateway, Subnet Mask and DNS values.  The Default Gateway should be the private IP address of the LAN-Cell's interface and the subnet mask must also match the LAN-Cell's subnet mask.

  • If your local devices have more than one LAN interface (for example a wired Ethernet and WiFi connection), disable all but one interface on the local device to ensure that packets are flowing only to the LAN-Cell.

  • If you have modified the LAN-Cell's Firewall Rules, check that there are no rules preventing packets from flowing from the LAN-Cell's local interfaces (LAN, DMZ, WLAN) to the WAN or CELL interfaces. You could try temporarily disabling the Firewall while testing.  Also disable and software firewalls that are running on your local PCs.

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