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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
How to reset the LAN-Cell 2 to factory defaults.

Answer / Solution

There are 3 ways to reset the LAN-Cell 2 back to its original factory default settings:

  1. If you can log into the LAN-Cell via the Web interface, go to the MAINTENANCE > BACKUP&RESTORE menu and click the RESET button on the bottom of the page.

  2. If you can log into the Systems Management Terminal interface via Telnet, SSH, or the LAN-Cell 2 console port, go to Menu 24, then Menu 8 (Command Line) and enter the command: SYS ROMRESET

  3. If you cannot log into the LAN-Cell, wait until the unit is fully booted up (Power LED stops flashing) and then press and hold the RESET button using a small object like a paperclip until the Power LED begins to flash green (about 10 seconds).

All of these options will cause the LAN-Cell to reboot and restore the factory settings:
Password = 1234
DHCP Server = ON
WiFi = OFF

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