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Last Update : 2008/04/04
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Question / Issue
Unable to access web sites when failed over from WAN to Cellular connection

Answer / Solution

Wired WAN as primary connection, Cellular as secondary connection.  Mode=Failover/Fallback.  When WAN connection is UP, users can access web sites.  When WAN connection is DOWN and Cellular is UP, users cannot access web sites on the Internet.

Some ISPs do not respond to DNS requests from IP addresses that they do not own. When the LAN-Cell fails over to the Cellular interface, it does not force a DHCP renewal of client devices, therefore the devices will try to get DNS resolution using the wired ISP's DNS servers. If your LAN devices receive DNS information from the LAN-Cell via DHCP or you have staticly assigned DNS server addresses on your devices, you must change the DNS settings.

On the LAN-Cell, check the ADVANCED > DNS > DHCP tab.  Set the LAN DNS server values to NONE so that the client devices will send their DNS requests to the LAN-Cell and it can forward them on to whichever interface is up.  Or enter your own DNS server values for a DNS that you know will respond to either IP address scheme.

For addresses manually assigned to client devices, set the DNS server to the LAN-Cell's LAN IP address or your own DNS server.

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