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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
How can I keep more than 128 log file entries?

Answer / Solution

Due to memory constraints, the LAN-Cell's system log records only the 128 most recent events in FIFO manner (most recent events at the top with old events rolling off the end of the log).

All event types marked for logging on the LOGS/LOG SETTINGS tab are included in the 128 entries.  You may want to limit the types of events that are logged in order to increase the time span covered by the log. 

To record more than 128 log events, you must use either the Syslog or E-Mail log features to send log events (or files) to an external system for recording.  The Syslog or E-Mail server can be located on the LAN, WAN, or Cellular WAN networks.

You can also set up immediate E-Mail alerts to be sent to you for various types of log events.

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