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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
Can I change wireless carriers?

Answer / Solution
LAN-Cell 2 (LC2-411)
The LAN-Cell 2 uses standard PC-Card (PCMCIA) modems -- the same cards used in laptops.  You can use any of the supported PC-Card modems on any available cellular carrier.   See the LAN-Cell 2 product specifications or contact for information on the specific PC-Card modems currently supported.

LAN-Cell 1xMG-401, GPRS-401
The dual band CDMA and quad band GSM radios enable the LAN-Cell to operate on most wireless systems worldwide.  It is possible to redeploy the LAN-Cell onto a different wireless carrier than the one it was originally configured for.  The converson process depends upon the LAN-Cell model.

The carrier specific information for GSM models is primarily contained on the SIM.  You will need to acquire a SIM for your new provider, then change the APN, username and password on the LAN-Cell's WAN/CellularModem web configuration page.

For the LAN-Cell CDMA models, carrier specific configuration parameters are embedded in low-level firmware on the CDMA radio chip itself.  Reprogramming these parameters for a different carrier will require that you return the unit to Proxicast for the conversion.

Please contact for more information about the availaiblity of specific wireless carriers, radio firmware upgrades and trade-in programs.

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