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Last Update : 2009/02/27
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Question / Issue
WAN (Ping) Continuity check fails to default gateway

Answer / Solution

Some carrier networks do not respond to PING (ICMP) packets sent to their default gateway routers (see table below).  If you have Check Connectivity enabled on the WAN / GENERAL tab, you must select a specific IP address or FQDN host as the target for your ping check.  Otherwise, the WAN connection will be dropped after just a few seconds when the carrier's default gateway fails to respond.

If you use an address (or FQDN) other than the carrier's default gateway, we recommend choosing a device over which you have control or can easily verify its network connection status.  We do not recommend using other firm's servers (such as Google or Microsoft, as these companies may change their ICMP reply policies at any time without warning which would effectively force your LAN-Cell into a "down" condition.

Carrier Default Gateway Responds to PING?
Alltel No
AT&T Yes
Sprint Yes
T-Mobile (US) Yes
Verizon Wireless No

This information is subject to change at any time by the carriers and may not be accurate for all network locations. We suggest that you experiment with the WAN Continuity feature or contact your carrier before deploying this in a production environment.

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