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LAN-Cell 2

"Unlimited" Cellular Data Plans are Disappearing
Many 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+)
cellular carriers have begun to enforce strict limits on their previously "unlimited" fixed-price data plans. Some wireless carriers now only allow a maximum of 5 GB of data per month.

5 GB can go fast. For example, downloading large files using a high-speed 3G/4G cellular data service such as LTE, EVDO RevA or HSPA+ can easily consume 300+ MB per hour – exhausting an entire monthly 5 GB allotment in just 16 hours. With some carriers charging 50 cents per megabyte over the cap, each extra gigabyte used could cost you an additional $500.00!

Until now, you had no easy way to monitor cellular usage or reign in users and applications to avoid out-of-control cellular bills and exorbitant overage charges.

Never worry about unexpected cellular data charges again.

Cell-SentryTM Cellular Data Monitoring System
Cell-Sentry is Proxicast’s exclusive new LAN-Cell 2 "watchdog" feature that monitors cellular usage and alerts administrators via E-mail when a user-defined threshold is reached. It can even block additional cellular usage via hard "not to exceed" limits to avoid overage charges. Cell-Sentry can monitor data or time usage to match the carrier’s billing policies.

Cell-Sentry’s usage budget is linked to the 3G/4G modem card; modem cards can be swapped in and out while maintaining the budget’s integrity. The budget data is also preserved across system restarts and power cycles. And the budget can be auto reset on a user-specified schedule to coincide with the carrier’s billing cycle.

Even if you do not anticipate going over your plan’s monthly allotment, Cell-Sentry can protect against "run-away" applications that might utilize excessive amounts of bandwidth or from unplanned users connecting to the device and transferring large amounts of data.

Other LAN-Cell 2 Data Usage Management Features
  • Bandwidth Management – The flow of data to the 3G/4G cellular modem can be “throttled”, restricting the maximum speed to less than the available capacity from the carrier. For example, many video surveillance applications may only require 100-300 Kbps, but the user has no easy way to slow down the camera’s data rate. With bandwidth management, the user can adjust the maximum outbound data rate to stay under their plan’s limits.

  • Dial-On-Demand – The ability to make instantaneous 3G/4G connections only when outbound packets need to be routed to the Internet and automatically drop the connection when it is idle.

  • Keep-Alive Timers – The amount of data used to maintain a cellular connection can be adjusted and the LAN-Cell can restart at specific times and stay connected only for a fixed duration.
  • Security Features – Unauthorized users can be prevented from accessing the Internet. Unsolicited traffic from hackers can be reduced via anti-probing features and secure user-definable management interfaces.

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Tech Note: Minimizing Cellular Data Costs Using the LAN-Cell 2

An in-depth review of the LAN-Cell 2's Cell-Sentry and other features to manage celluar data costs.
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