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Proxicast Announces The PocketPORT 2 – World’s Smallest 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) Cellular Modem Bridge Router

The PocketPORT 2 retains all of the capabilities of Proxicast's original PocketPORT and adds important new features while shrinking both size & cost and boosting performance.

Pittsburgh, PA. (November 26, 2013)Proxicast (

Proxicast ( introduces the PocketPORT 2 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) cellular modem bridge router, the next generation of Proxicast’s innovative PocketPORT first released in 2010. The PocketPORT 2 can function as either a 3G/4G modem or mini-router. The PocketPORT 2 retains all of the capabilities of Proxicast's original PocketPORT and adds important new features while shrinking both size & cost and boosting performance. At one-half the size with ten times the throughput, the PocketPORT 2 is priced 30% less than its predecessor at $159 USD.

Proxicast PocketPORT 2 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+)
Cellular Modem Bridge Router

The PocketPORT 2 instantly connects virtually any cellular 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) USB modem to any Ethernet device simply by plugging them into the PocketPORT 2. The PocketPORT 2 can be used with computers such as PC's and laptops but more importantly with any Ethernet-based device such as IP cameras (web cams) for security applications, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for industrial automation, digital & network video recorders (DVR/NVR) or any other equipment that needs Internet service for remote access but lacks USB modem support.

The PocketPORT 2 is the highly portable, simple and low-cost alternative to large, complex and expensive cellular 3G/4G Ethernet modems and routers. It also features many of the functions of more expensive devices. The Proxicast PocketPORT 2 has 3 operating modes:

  • Bridge Mode - plug a USB modem into any Ethernet port and it is instantly on the Internet.
  • Router Mode - provide Internet connection to existing networks.
  • Virtual Cable Mode - securely access remote devices as if they are attached directly on the LAN. No other 3G/4G device has this feature.

Virtual Cable Mode creates a fully encrypted VPN link between two or more Ethernet devices over the Internet. The PocketPORTs act just like a very long Ethernet cable – all protocols transmitted over the LAN are bridged to the other PocketPORT-attached devices. Virtual Cable Mode employs 256 bit encryption and can create transparent peer-to-peer connections behind firewalls and does not require public IP addresses from cellular operators.

The PocketPORT 2 works on most cellular network carriers worldwide including and supports all of the latest 3G & 4G standards and modems from manufacturers such as:

  • AT&T
  • Huawei
  • Netgear
  • Novatel
  • Option
  • Pantech
  • Samsung
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Verizon
  • ZTE

The PocketPORT supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies including GSM, CDMA, GPRS, HSPA+, UMTS, 1xRTT, EVDO and LTE. External USB modems allow easy switching between cellular carriers and upgrading to newer, faster technologies. The PocketPORT’s Auto-Configuration Mode automatically detects and configures dozens of popular modems. Users can change modems without reconfiguring. An open driver approach allows the PocketPORT to be manually configured for other modems that are not in the auto-configuration data base.

The PocketPORT 2 reduces remote site deployment costs by eliminating the need for additional hardware and software. Many field service personnel keep a PocketPORT 2 in their "pocket" to provide instant Internet access to remote equipment during site visits. And the PocketPORT 2's platform independent embedded GUI management interface makes setup and management easy.

The LAN-Cell 3 mobile router is the perfect communications gateway for:

  • Sales & Service Fleets
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Cars, Buses, Limos & RVs
  • Delivery & Courier Vehicles
  • Boats & Marine Vessels
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspots
  • Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
  • Mobile Security & Surveillance
  • Military & Defense Applications
  • Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, SCADA & AMR
  • Remote Control of PLCs and Industrial Controls
  • Video Surveillance & Security Applications
  • Temporary Off-Site Work & Trade Shows
  • Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM Machines
  • Backup For Wired Internet and Alarm Connections
  • Traffic Monitoring & Control
  • Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards & Signs
  • Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

The Proxicast PocketPORT 2 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) cellular modem bridge router (model PP-002) is available for immediate delivery worldwide directly from Proxicast and select resellers. The PocketPORT 2 includes a 1 year limited warranty, free firmware upgrades and free tech support.

About Proxicast

Proxicast designs and manufactures innovative, commercial-grade, rugged industrial, secure wireless communications equipment that enables customers to increase productivity, enhance security, improve operational efficiency and reduce on-going communication costs. Proxicast focuses on wireless equipment for use with all major worldwide cellular standards including (CDMA) EV-DO Rev-A, EV-DO Rev-0, 1xRTT (1x) and (GSM) LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, W-CDMA, EDGE and GPRS on cellular carriers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility, Telcel, Orange, Vodafone, O2, Telstra and others. Proxicast manufacturers the LAN Cell and PocketPORT families of 3G/4G cellular routers along with high-quality cellular accessories. In 2003, Proxicast introduced the revolutionary and award winning, LAN Cell Mobile Gateway, the original cellular router. Proxicast is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a privately-held corporation founded in 2000.

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