Pantech / Verizon Wireless UML295 USB Modem
Compatiblity with Proxicast Products

Pantech UML295 USB Modem

By default, the firmware currently available on the Verizon Wireless/Pantech UML295 modem does not allow "inbound" initiated connections from the Internet to the modem. In order to use remote access applications such VNC, pcAnywhere, camera and DVR viewing, etc. the UML295 must have a public static IP address assigned by Verizon Wireless and be configured to perform Port Forwarding. Please see our Knowledgebase article Configuring the Verizon / Pantech UML295 for Remote Access Applications.

You may also work around this issue by having the LAN-Cell 3 initiate an outbound VPN connection to a VPN server (e.g another LAN-Cell, Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, etc.) to create a two-way communications tunnel.

The UML295 does permit all types of "outbound" Internet connections. It is appropriate for shared Internet service among multiple users, Wi-Fi HotSpots, or other applications where data is "pushed" from the LAN-side to a remote server.

The UML295 is not compatible with the Proxicast PocketPORT model PP-001 but is compatible with the PocketPORT 2 (PP-002) subject to the same limitations as the LAN-Cell 3. You may also use the PocketPORT's Virtual Cable Mode to create "inbound" connections.

The UML295 has a fixed IP subnet of / An address from this range will be assigned to the USB WAN interface on the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT even if the UML295 has been assigned a static IP address by Verizon Wireless. Do not use this subnet on any LAN segments connected to the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT or change the UML295's subnet as described in the KB article above.

The UML295 must be configured to AutoConnect via its internal web interface ( If the UML295’s “Mobile Broadband Enhanced Application” has been installed on any PC that will remain connected to the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT, the Enhanced Application should be removed (via the Windows Control Panel) before the connecting the PC to the router.

These limitations may be removed in a future firmware release from Pantech, but no timeframe has been announced.