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Proxicast LAN-Celll 3LAN-Cell 3 Firmware Version 5.2.0

LAN-Cell 3 firmware version 5.2.0 adds support for the Novatel MiFi / Verizon JetPack 4620 and addresses several VPN related issues. Other enhancements include improved signal strength display, expanded field sizes for passwords, DDNS hostnames and WiFi SSIDs. The complete fix list can be found in the Release Notes included with the download package. Download LAN-Cell 3 firmware version 5.2.0.  Proxicast recommends all customers upgrade their LAN-Cell 3 routers to firmware version 5.2.0.


NEW!  Modem-SAFE Multi-Function Mounting Base for the LAN-Cell 3

LAN-Cell 3 Modem-SAFE Mounting Base

As of February 1, 2013, all new LAN-Cell 3 routers include a free Modem-SAFE mounting base.  The Mode-SAFE mounting base replaces the Modem-LOCK base which was included with earlier shipments. The Modem-SAFE base offers several advantages:

  • USB modems are stowed under the LAN-Cell 3 to reduce the overall device footprint and to protect the USB modem from unwanted removal or accidental damage.
  • Button protectors can be installed to prevent the power and reset buttons from being pressed accidentally.
  • Router, wall and deck mounting positions match the Modem-LOCK base so the bases are interchangeable.
  • Additional antenna mounting points have been added.

Both the Modem-SAFE and Modem-LOCK mounting bases are available for purchase to retrofit your existing LAN-Cell 3 routers.

Proxicast VPN ClientVersion 5.51 Available

Version 5.51 of the Proxicast IPSec VPN Client for Windows retains all the features of previous versions and adds many new features, enhancements and updates.

Proxicast has also eliminated annual software maintenance fees for the Proxicast IPSec VPN Client, entitling all existing and new VPN Client licensees to free software updates for the life of the product!

Updates and a 30-day free trial version are available for download from the Proxicast web site
New features include:

  • Windows 8 support
  • Refined user interface
  • Gina Mode (open tunnel before Windows logon) supported on Vista 32-64bit, Windows 7 32-64 bit and Windows 8 32-64bit
  • Improved setup / deployment options
  • Increased overall system stability and speed

New TechNotes

Proxicast IPSec VPN Client for Windows Example
An updated version of our "How-To" guide for configuring the Windows VPN Client when connecting with a LAN-Cell 3.

Using Remote Desktop Software with the LAN-Cell 3
Examples of setting up the LAN-Cell 3 to permit Windows Remote Desktop, VNC or pcAnywhere to access remote computers. 

Configuring the MSNSwitch Remote IP Power Switch for the LAN-Cell 3
This TechNote explains how to configure the MSNSwitch remote IP power switch to monitor the LAN-Cell 3's Internet connection and force a power cycle when service is interrupted.

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