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Proxicast LAN-Celll 3LAN-Cell 3 Firmware Version 5.3.0 Released

Proxicast is pleased to announce a free firmware upgrade for all LAN-Cell 3 users. Version 5.3.0 adds several new features and resolves known issues with earlier firmware versions:

  • Added ability to force all traffic through an IPSec tunnel
  • Added static IP option for Wi-Fi Client mode
  • Added Wi-Fi Client modem AP roaming
  • Fixed issue with OpenDNS redirection
  • Improved connection reliability for USB551L and UML290 modems

The complete list of updates is included in the firmware update package which can be downloaded from LAN-Cell 3 firmware version 5.3.0.  Proxicast recommends all customers upgrade their LAN-Cell 3 routers to firmware version 5.3.0.

External Cellular Antennas

We frequently receive inquiries from customers regarding the appropriate antenna for their LAN-Cell or PocketPORT installation. The best solution for each installation depends on many factors such as operating frequency band, signal strength from the carrier, interference sources, and mounting considerations.

We have completed revised our popular Cellular Antennas TechNote to include updated information on HSPA+ and LTE networks, cabling, connectors, and we have included an Antenna Selection Checklist and FAQ to help customers with choosing the right antenna.  Some highlights from the TechNote:

  • Antennas must be tuned to the frequency used by the cellular carrier for the service (3G, 4G) offered.  The same service can be offered on different frequencies.
  • Knowing where the antenna will be mounted will help determine the best form factor (screw, magnetic, through-hole, pole mount).
  • As the length of the cable run between the modem and antenna increases, a thicker coax cable is required.
  • The highest gain antenna is not always the best option.
  • As cellular network speeds increase, more modems are employing multiple matched antennas (MIMO) techniques requiring 2 or more external antennas.

ANT-127-001 9dBi Cellular Antenna

ANT-120-006 5-8dBi Cellular Antenna

ANT-120-003 2dBi Cellular Antenna

9 dBi Omni Mast

5-8 dBi Onmi Aerial

2 dBi Omni Disk

To make selecting the right antenna easier, Proxicast has recently introduced several new 3G/4G antennas that cover all of the cellular frequencies. These include the industry's first 9 dBi omni-directional outdoor antenna (ANT-127-001) for 3G and 4G/LTE in the USA/Canada/Mexico; a 5-8 dBi screw/magnet mount antenna (ANT-120-006) for all 3G/4G services worldwide; and an ultra-small, ultra-low profile 2 dBi disk antenna (ANT-120-003) for North American carriers.

New TechNotes

Connecting the LAN-Cell 3 to a MiFi or Wi-Fi Access Point
Using the LAN-Cell 3's Wi-Fi WAN Client Mode to connect to a Mi-Fi other other Access Point for Internet service.

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Tip To uniquely identify each of your LAN-Cell 3 units, change the System Name field under ADMIN > SNMP. 

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