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Technical Support Bulletin #14

LAN-Cell 3 Firmware v5.4.0 Released

Proxicast LAN-Cell 3 firmware version 5.4.0 introduces an exciting new feature: Wi-Fi Guest Hotspot. Useful for creating public Wi-Fi hotspots on transit vehicles, in shops or Internet cafes, LAN-Cell administrators can now control Wi-Fi access via:

  • A customizable "splash" screen shown before users access the Internet
  • Optional "Terms of Use" policy agreement
  • Optional username/password security for guest connections
  • Optional "white list" URLs that can be accessed without authentication

Learn more about using the Guest Hotspot feature in Section 7.6 of the updated LAN-Cell 3 User Guide or reviewing our latest TechNote LCTN3018 LAN-Cell 3 Guest Hotspot Example.


Firmware v5.4.0 represents a significant change in how the LAN-Cell 3's configuration settings are stored.

  • LAN-Cell 3's updated to v5.4.0 cannot be downgraded to firmware releases prior to v5.4.0.
  • Configuration files saved by a firmware version prior to v5.4.0 cannot be loaded into a v5.4.0 LAN-Cell 3.
  • Upgraded LAN-Cell's must be reset and configuration settings must be manually re-entered.

Download Firmware v5.4.0



Virtual Cable Switchboard Server Software Released


PocketPORT 2

The Virtual Cable Switchboard Server is a Linux-based application that provides address resolution and packet relay services for Proxicast PocketPORTs running in Virtual Cable Mode (VCM).  VCM devices must interact with a Switchboard Server to establish a connection with other devices.

All Proxicast customers are entitled to free unlimited use of Proxicast's public Virtual Cable Switchboard Server (

Customers wishing to have a dedicated private VCM Switchboard Server for security, performance, or availability reasons, may now purchase a license and operate their own VCM Switchboard Server.


      • Installation Wizard for both Graphical and Text Mode installs
      • Web-based real-time monitoring of Switchboard Server activity
      • Runs on any X86-based Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
      • Can run on Virtual Machine, VPS, or Cloud-based Linux instances (e.g. Amazon)
      • Supports both PocketPORT v1 and v2 devices simultaneously

Learn More About the VC Switchboard Server



Proxicast is Heartbleed Free


No Proxicast hardware or software product has ever contained the OpenSSL libraries involved in the recently revealed "Heartbleed" security vulnerability. Likewise, Proxicast's secure online ordering system (  is unaffected by Heartbleed.


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