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MiFi U620L Support Added to PocketPORT

PocketPORT 2

PocketPORT 2 Firmware Update

Proxicast has released a firmware update for the PocketPORT 2 which includes support for the Novatel MiFi U620L modem on Verizon Wireless.

U620LYou can download the latest firmware (v.2.2.64) from our Support web site.

The link includes instructions for updating the PocketPORT 2's firmware.

We have also prepared a Modem Configuration Guide for the U620L:

Although no special configuration of the U620L or PocketPORT is required, some important items to note include:

  • This modem takes longer than most others to connect to Verizon. Allow up to 2 minutes for the connection to complete.

  • The U620L uses a nano sized (4FF) SIM card so you cannot simply swap your existing Pantech SIM cards. Contact Verizon for a replacement SIM.

  • The MiFi 6620L (with battery & display) is NOT supported.

  • If you have a static IP on Verizon, be sure to configure the correct APN in the PocketPORT's settings or in the U620L using its internal web page before using the modem in the PocketPORT.

  • An external antenna is recommended for this modem. It has 1 TS9 connector and uses pigtail part # ANT-104-TS9:

    Although this pigtail appears to be similar to the one used on the older Verizon Pantech 290/295 modems, the connector is different and does not fit the U620L. Do not try to force the Pantech pigtail onto the U620L or you may break the antenna connector on the modem rendering the modem inoperative.

    Proxicast has an external antenna kit ANT-006-TS9 for the U620L that includes the correct pigtail:

If you have any questions or issues performing the update, please contact us at: