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VPN Client Update Released

Version 4.70 of the Proxicast IPSec VPN Client software for Windows is now available. Version 4.70 is a free upgrade to existing Proxicast IPSec VPN Client customers. A fully-functional 30-day free trial version is available on the Proxicast web site

Version 4.70 retains all the features of previous versions, such as the easy setup VPN Wizard and adds over 36 new features, enhancements and updates including:

         Automatic setup of Windows 7 Firewall rules


         Support for the new Windows 7ís WWAN Communications Driver model that enables Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G broadband modem devices

         Support for Czech and Danish in addition to 19 other languages


         Improved setup and deployment features

The Proxicast IPSec VPN Client for Windows can connect to VPN devices from over 60 vendors in addition to Proxicast's LAN-Cell family of 3G routers.

To upgrade, simply download the latest version from the Proxicast web site: and install over your existing VPN Client software version. You will be asked to restart your PC and reactivate the software once the upgrade is complete.  All of your existing settings will be maintained.

Version 4.70 Release Notes:

Full Press Release:

Firewall Rules

You can easily view all of the LAN-Cell 2's Firewall Rules by using this simple technique:

Go to the SECURITY > FIREWALL > RULE SUMMARY screen. Select the Packet Direction: Any to Any and click Refresh. The screen will then display a list of every possible packet direction and list all firewall rules defined for each packet direction. You can edit the rules from this screen by clicking on the Edit icon to the right of each rule, or add new rules by clicking on the red Plus Sign icon under each packet direction heading.

New TechNote

Connecting Multiple LAN-Cell's in Tandem
This TechNote gives 5 examples of ways multiple LAN-Cellís can be connected together to provide fail-over to a different cellular modem (or cellular service provider) and/or to provide higher capacity for bandwidth intensive applications (such as remote security video).

  Download all of Proxicast's TechNotes from our Support Web Site:

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