PocketPORTTM Modem Configuration Guide for: Pantech UML290 (Verizon LTE/4G)

Model                       UML290 Pantech   UML290
Other NamesVerizon Wireless UML290, UML-290, UML 290, LTE/4G
Antenna JackUML290 (under the "satellite dish" symbol)
Pigtail Part #ANT-104-290
Auto Configured by PocketPORT 2? Yes. In firmware 2.1.0 and higher
CommentsRequires PocketPORT firmware v1.4 or later.

Set the APN to a blank string and set APN Number = 3.

Configure the PocketPORT before inserting the USB modem. After writing the configuration parameters to persistent memory, power off the PocketPORT, insert the USB modem and power the PocketPORT back on.

This modem must operate in LAN mode, not Windows Mobile Broadband mode. Configure this setting in VZ Accesss Manager:

Signal strength will not display until the USB Modem Port has been set to ttyACM0 and the configuration has been saved and the PocketPORT restarted.

This modem is very sensitive to positioning for achieving optimal signal strength and throughput performance.

For more reliable operation, lock the UML290 into either 3G or 4G mode.

By default, the Verizon Wireless LTE network provides NAT'ed private IP addresses and blocks inbound initiated connections from the Internet to remote devices attached to the PocketPORT. Use two PocketPORTs in Virtual Cable Mode or request a static public IP address from Verizon to overcome this limitation.

*** If you have upgraded the UML290's firmware to B333F.230 (MR2) or later, you must have firmware version 1.4 or later installed on the PocketPORT.

For the meaning of the modem's status LED, see this link:

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