PocketPORTTM Modem Configuration Guide for: Novatel Wireless MiFi 4620L (Verizon Jetpack 4G/LTE)

Model                       4620L Novatel Wireless   4620L
ManufacturerNovatel Wireless
Other NamesVerzion Jetpack, MiFi 4620L, 4620LE, 4620, Mobile Hotspot
Antenna JackTS9
Pigtail Part #ANT-104-TS9
Auto Configured by PocketPORT 2? Yes. In firmware 2.1.0 and higher
Comments*** Support for this modem requires PocketPORT firmware version 1.6.23 or later.

Configure the PocketPORT BEFORE attaching the 4620L.

The default APN is vzwinternet (private dynamic IP addresses)
Set APN Number = 3. This is required.

After writing the configuration parameters, power-cycle the PocketPORT.

Install and run the MiFi 4620 update utility from the link below on a Windows PC with the 4620 connected via a USB cable to the PC. This update may take several minutes to complete and your 4620 will restart several times.

*** Once updated, you must make the following configuration changes on the 4620 after connecting to it via WiFi (http://vz.hotspot):
Network>WWAN>Auto-connect = Manual
Advanced>Settings>USB Tethered Mode = Enabled
Advanced>Settings>Automatic Shutdown = Never

After changing these settings, power-cycle the JetPack. See the 4620L's User Guide for more information on changing the JetPack's settings.

There must be no Wi-Fi devices connected to the 4620L when the PocketPORT is attached. Note that the PocketPORT will NOT show as an active user on the 4620L's display.

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