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How to create a custom default configuration

Answer / Solution

Beginning with LAN-Cell 2 firmware release 4.02(AQP.3), users can create their own "default" configuration that the LAN-Cell will return to when reset via the Hardware Reset button, the Reset option on the MAINTENANCE menu or via the command line command "sys romreset". This user-defined default configuration will replace the factory default configuration. Creating a custom default configuration may be useful in circumstances where returning the LAN-Cell to a known "working" condition is desired.

  1. Perform a factory reset on the LAN-Cell 2.
  2. Log into the device and set the desired configuration parameters.
  3. Save the new configuration file to a PC using the MAINTENANCE > BACKUP&RESTORE screen.
  4. Make an FTP connection to the LAN-Cell and send the configuration file saved above to a file named "rom-d" on the LAN-Cell.  Use Binary mode transfer.   E.g.  "put myconfigfile rom-d"
  5. Log into the LAN-Cell using Telnet/SSH and go to the command line via SMT Menu 24.8.
  6. Issue the command "sys rombuild".
  7. Perform a hard reset on the LAN-Cell.

The LAN-Cell 2 will now load the user-defined default configuration whenever it is reset.  To return the LAN-Cell 2 to the original factory default settings, repeat the procedure above, but use the default ".rom" file included with each firmware release.

You can use the configuration file that you saved above to change the default configuration of other LAN-Cell 2 units that are running the same firmware version.

Please see the LAN-Cell 2 Usuer's Guide for more information on using Telnet/SSH and FTP with the LAN-Cell.

NOTE: If you upgrade the LAN-Cell 2 to a different firmware release, you must re-run the SYS ROMBUILD command after upgrading to save your configuration settings into the new firmware image.

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