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Question / Issue
What does (CE to CE/LC) mean in the LAN-Cell 2 log?

Answer / Solution

Messages such as:

2008-01-22 04:42:16 Firewall default policy: TCP (CE to CE/LC) ACCESS DROPPED 

indicate that the LAN-Cell's firewall has matched an incoming packet against one of its access control list policies.

In particular, the default policy covering packets flowing from the Cellular interface to the LAN-Cell's cellular WAN IP (CE to CE/LC). In this case, the source IP address of attempted to open TCP port 5900 (VNC) on the LAN-Cell's WAN IP ( The packet was dropped because the default firewall policy for cellular traffic is to drop all packets not specifically permitted to flow to the LAN-Cell or one of its protected interfaces (LAN, WLAN, etc).

This sort of message is very common as cellular WAN IP's are public Internet addresses and are routinely scanned by hackers looking for open ports. This is why we strongly recommend that all customers keep the LAN-Cell's firewall turned on at all times and limit access only to the necessary ports (and from trusted IP addresses if possible).

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