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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
Speed tests of my 3G/4G modem are higher in a laptop than in the LAN-Cell.

Answer / Solution

First, be sure that you are doing an "apples to apples" speed comparison. Most of the PC 3G/4G modem management software includes some form of compression algorithm. This can greatly distort speed tests that do not turn-off the algorithm or at least try to defeat it with non-compressible test data. The LAN-Cell does not do this sort of compression so you are seeing the true "raw" speed of the 3G/4G connection not the effective speed after compression.

There are numerous speed testing sites on the Internet. Check the details of each site to determine if it is designed to eliminate the effect of software compression.  Or contact your cellular carrier for instruction on how to disable their compression algorithms. The best tests will move a large volume of randomized (non-compressible) data.

You should also run the tests multiple times on each device and average the results as many factors can affect the throughput performance of a single point test. esp. over cellular connections.  You might also want to test on multiple sites and compare the different results.

Also be sure to test the 3G/4G modem in a laptop using the same external antenna and cable (and location) as the LAN-Cell as these can affect signal strength, quality and throughput. 

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