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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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About Mobile Terminating Data Service, Custom APN's, Dynamic DNS & Inbound Connections on AT&T Mobility

Answer / Solution

For AT&T Mobility in the U.S. the type of connectivity that you have depends on which APN you are authorized to use.

All 3G modem accounts should have access to the APN = isp.cingular which provides dynamic public IP addresses and which will permit all outbound Internet traffic and inbound initiation of VPN tunnels.  All other inbound traffic/ports (such as ping's, web browser access, etc) are blocked.

You can purchase an additional service called Mobile Terminating Data Service (MTDS) from AT&T which removes the inbound session restrictions.  The APN for this service is "internet" with no username or password.  The Mobile Terminating Data Service is offered for customers who require the ability to push unsolicited data to a device and do not otherwise require a custom APN. A public IP address from the AT&T Mobility pool of IP addresses will be dynamically assigned to each active device.  Mobile Terminating Data Service requires a recurring monthly charge.  Contact your AT&T Mobility representative for current pricing information.

In addition, AT&T maintains a dynamic DNS service for MTDS devices that assigns a unique DNS (Domain Name System) name to the mobile device that maps to the mobile device‚Äôs current, dynamically assigned IP address. Depending on when your account was provisioned and how it is connected to the network, the static DNS hostname will be of the form: (e.g.
or (e.g.

where MSISDN is 1 + the 10 digit phone number assigned to the device (SIM).

The hostname will be resolvable in DNS to the current IP address assigned to the device. If the device is not currently attached to the AT&T Mobility network, the hostname will not be found.

If your organization has established a Custom APN with AT&T Mobility, it can be configured for your specific needs with regard to inbound connections and dynamic DNS settings.  Contact your AT&T Mobility representative for assistance with establishing or modifying a Custom APN.

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