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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
Unable to send log E-Mails via my ISP's SMTP server

Answer / Solution

Many ISP's restrict SMTP connections to devices that are connected to their network.  They do not permit sending of E-Mail messages by users or devices from other parts of the Internet in an effort to reduce spam.  Also, some ISP's use ports other than TCP 25 for their SMTP servers.  Others require a POP-before-SMTP sequence which the LAN-Cell does not support.

Some cellular ISPs provide SMTP services for their customers.  Contact your cellular carrier for more information about how to configure the LAN-Cell E-Mail settings for their SMTP service, including any required username & password.

Your best alternative is to use an SMTP server that is under your control, such as a corporate E-Mail server, or an SMTP relay host of the "private" (local) side of the LAN-Cell which can securely forward mail to your designated SMTP host.

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