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Last Update : 2012/02/20
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Question / Issue
How do I assign the same DNS name to both the WAN and Cellular interfaces?

Answer / Solution

If you are using the LAN-Cell 2 in a "fail-over" mode and want to be able to refer to the device via the same fully qualified domain name (FQDN) whether it is connected to the Internet via the wired Ethernet WAN port or the Cellular 3G modem, you must enable the High Availability (HA) option on the DDNS screen.

  1. Sign up for Dynamic DNS service with one of the supported DDNS providers (DynDNS, NO-IP, RegFISH)
  2. Define the desired DNS hostname with the DDNS provider
  3. In the LAN-Cell, go to ADVANCED > DNS > DDNS and enter the required Username & Password information
  4. Enter the fully qualified host and domain name that you created with the DDNS provider (e.g.
  5. Select the appropriate service type (if required by your DDNS provider)
  6. Select either WAN or CELL as the Interface
  7. Select "Use WAN IP Address" as the Update Policy
  8. Check the "HA" column
  9. Save and Apply these settings

Whenever the LAN-Cell receives an updated IP address over the WAN or Cellular interface, it will automatically contact the DDNS provider and update your defined FQDN host name with the currently active IP address of the LAN-Cell.

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