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Question / Issue
Changing the DHCP Lease Time

Answer / Solution

Certain DHCP Server parameters cannot be changed from their default settings via the LAN-Cell's Web GUI interface.  However, they can be modified from the LAN-Cell's Command Line Interface (CLI).

For example, to change the DHCP Lease Time for IP addresses assigned to LAN devices, follow these steps:

  1. Make a Telnet or SSH connection to the LAN-Cell (or use the Blue Serial Console cable).

  2. Enter your administrator password (same as the Web GUI password).

  3. Select Menu Option #24, then Menu Option #8 to reach the Command Line Interface.

  4. Enter the following command (case sensitive) and press Enter:
    ip dhcp enif0 server leasetime NNNNNN

    LAN = enif0
    DMZ = enif2
    WLAN - enif4
    NNNNNN = DHCP lease time in seconds (default value is 259200 or 72 hours)

  5. You can confirm the new lease time value by entering the command:
    ip dhcp enif0 status
    The new value will remain in effect until the LAN-Cell is reset to factory defaults.

  6. Type
    sys quit
    to exit the command interface.

Several other DHCP parameters can be set via the CLI including:
probecount, dnsserver, gateway, hostname, leasetime, netmask, pool, renewaltime, rebindtime

See the CLI command
ip dhcp enif0 server ?
for more details.

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