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Question / Issue
LAN-Cell 2 will not boot up

Answer / Solution


The LAN-Cell 2 will not complete its boot up cycle (e.g. the Power LED continues to flash and/or the 4 LAN LEDs stay on solid amber).


Perform a "long" system reset using the following procedure:

  1. Remove power from the LAN-Cell
  2. Remove the 3G modem from the LAN-Cell
  3. Press and hold the Reset Button (use a paperclip or pencil)
  4. Apply power to the LAN-Cell
  5. Continue holding in the Reset Button for approximately 30 seconds until the Power LED flashes very rapidly
  6. Release the Reset Button
  7. Wait 60 seconds for the LAN-Cell to boot-up (Power LED on solid green)

Now attempt to connect to the LAN-Cell via an Ethernet LAN  port or the Console serial port using the default parameters:

IP =
Password = 1234

Reconfigure the LAN-Cell using a backed up copy of the configuration file or entering the necessary parameters for your application.

Power off the LAN-Cell, insert the 3G modem card, and power the LAN-Cell back on.

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