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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
Which USB modems does the PocketPORT support?

Answer / Solution

The PocketPORT supports most USB cellular (GSM / HSPA / UMTS / LTE / CDMA / EVDO) modems (with the exception of WiMAX modems).

Please see the PocketPORT Support web site ( for a list of tested modems and any required configuration settings.  If your USB modem is not listed, we encourage you to plug it into the PocketPORT and try it out.  The PocketPORT can auto-detect many modem (GSM/LTE modems will require manual configuration of the APN/PIN values).

If you are successful in getting an unlisted modem to work, please send us an email so that we can add your modem model to our list.  Otherwise, contact Proxicast Support for further assistance with your modem.

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