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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Using the PocketPORT with the LAN-Cell 2

Answer / Solution

If you plan to attach a PocketPORT to the LAN-Cell 2 in order to use a USB modem with the LAN-Cell 2, we recommend that you:

  • Configure the PocketPORT for NAT Router Mode. Select a private IP Address & Subnet that is different than the private LAN subnet of the LAN-Cell. Remember to configure the DHCP server settings for this same subnet even if you will not be using DHCP clients.
  • Set the LAN-Cell 2's Ethernet WAN port to a private static IP address that is in the subnet defined for the PocketPORT but outside of the DHCP range defined above. Set the Default Gateway to the private IP address of the PocketPORT and set the subnet mask accordingly.
  • If you need "inbound" access (from the Internet) to devices attached to the LAN-Cell, enter the LAN-Cell's WAN static IP address in the PocketPORT's field labeled "Forward All Inbound Traffic to IP".
  • Connect the the PocketPORT to the Ethernet WAN port on the LAN-Cell 2.

The LAN-Cell 2 will now use the PocketPORT as if it were any other wired Ethernet Internet connection. Proceed with your LAN-Cell 2 configuration are required by your application.

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