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Question / Issue
How to adjust the DHCP Lease Time on the LAN-Cell 2

Answer / Solution

 Use Telnet, SSH or the console port to access the LAN-Cell 2's Systems Management Terminal interface.

- Go to menu 24 option 8 to get to the command line

- Type: ip dhcp enifX server leasetime NNNN <enter>

X=0 for LAN, 2 for DMZ and 4 for WLAN subnet (check which subnet you have the WiFi radio bound to in the GUI)
and NNNN is the number of seconds for the lease time (7200 = 2 hrs).

so if you want to change the WLAN subnet:
ip dhcp enif4 server leasetime 7200

You should also set the following 2 commands to be consistent with the leasetime:

ip dhcp enifX server renewaltime NNNN
ip dhcp enifX server rebindtime NNNN

The LAN-Cell default values for these settings are:
leasetime = 259200 (72 hrs)
renewaltime = 129600 (36 hrs)
rebindtime = 226800 (63 hrs)

We suggest that you scale these to be the same ratio as the defaults. If you're trying to force clients to request a new IP every 2 hrs, then you should probably set renewal time to 2 hrs.

You can check the results of your changes using the command:

ip dhcp enifX status

Note: commands are case sensitive.

These settings will be saved into your config file and remain after a reboot, so make a backup of the config when you're done.




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