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Question / Issue
Configuring the LAN-Cell 3 for a static WAN IP on Verizon Wireless

Answer / Solution
  • Contact Verizon Wireless to request static IP service on your account (there is a fee for this service). 
  • Obtain from Verizon Wireless the static IP address and Access Point Name (APN) assigned to each of your USB modems.
  • Insert the USB modem into a Windows PC running the VZ Access Manager software.
  • Check the Options > Preferences menu to confirm that the correct APN is assigned (Figure 1).  If the APN shown is "vzwinternet", then enter the APN provided by Verizon Wireless.  Static IP APNs are of the format "XXNN.vzwstatic" where XXNN is a regional APN for your account.

Figure 1 

  • Make a successful connection using VZ Access Manager and then disconnect.
  • Close VZ Access Manager and remove the USB modem, but DO NOT insert it into the LAN-Cell 3 yet.
  • Access the LAN-Cell 3's web interface and go to SETUP > WAN (Figure 2). 

  Figure 2

  • Set the Modem Type, Brand and Model to match your USB modem.
  • Set the APN Type to Manual.
  • Set the Access Point Name to the APN shown in VZ Access Manager.
  • Confirm that the ISP Access Number is *99***3# (not required for DirectIP modems such as the USB 551L).
  • Save these settings and insert the USB modem into the LAN-Cell 3.
  • When the LAN-Cell 3 connects to Verizon Wireless it will receive the assigned static IP address.
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