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Last Update : 2012/07/12
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Troubleshooting USB Modems

Answer / Solution

If you are having difficulty using a USB modem with a Proxicast product, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check that your USB modem model is supported by the Proxicast product.  For LAN-Cell products, check the release notes with the latest firmware:  For PocketPORT products, check the Configuration Guides:
  2. Put the USB modem into a PC and use the connection software that came with the modem (e.g. VZ Access Manager, AT&T Connection Manager, etc) to confirm that you can make a successful connection to the Internet. If you cannot make a connection using the cellular carrier's software, please contact the carrier for technical support on the modem and/or your account set-up.
  3. Confirm that your USB modem has the latest firmware installed. This can usually be found by running the "check for updates" feature in the connection software on the PC or by checking the firmware version on the "device info" screen against the cellular carrier's website. 
  4. Check that the modem's SIM card (if used) is properly inserted.
  5. Check the signal strength at your location.  Poor signal can prevent reliable connections. Move to a better location or use an external antenna and/or amplifier to increase signal strength.
  6. If you are using an external antenna, confirm that you have the correct "pigtail" to connect to the USB modem.  See our cross-reference chart at: 
  7. Check the external antenna connection to the modem and all other connections along the antenna path.
  8. For LAN-Cell products, ensure that you have selected the correct modem manufacturer and model on the Setup/WAN screen. Check the label on your USB modem, sometimes located under a removable cover.
  9. Ensure that the external antenna you are using is tuned for the correct frequencies used by your carrier.
  10. Check that you have selected or entered the correct APN, PIN, Username, Password and other settings required for your modem.  You may need to use the "manual" option for custom APNs and other non-standard settings.
  11. Confirm with your cellular provider that your account is active and that it has the correct features (such as static IP, mobile terminated data, etc).

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