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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
Verizon / Novatel USB551L does not work in VZ Access Manager after use in router

Answer / Solution

A misconfigured router can accidentally reprogram the Verizon Wireless / Novatel USB551L USB modem with incorrect APN settings. This will prevent the modem from working in the VZ Access Manager software or other routers.

To check if this situation applies to you, launch VZ Access Manager and press the Control and T keys simultaneously (Ctl+T).  This will open the QuickLink Mobile Datacomm window which allows you to communicate directly with the modem.

After the OK message, enter the command:


The default results are shown below.


If your output does not match the screen capture above, correct any incorrect or missing statements using the command:

at+cgdcont=APN_Number,"IP-settings", "APN","IP address",0,0

For example,


If entered correctly, OK will be returned. If an error is returned, re-enter the command.

Check that all changes have been saved by re-issuing the at+cgdcont? command.

Press Alt and F4 (Alt+F4) to close the window and return to VZ Access Manager.


NOTE: if you have been assigned a static IP address by Verizon, +CGDCONT #3 must contain your static IP APN rather than "vzwinternet".  Contact Verizon Wireless if you do not know which static IP APN has been assigned to your modem.

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