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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
Pantech / Verizon UML290 modem not working in the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT

Answer / Solution

The UML290 modem must be configured to operate in LAN mode, not Windows Mobile Broadband mode in order for the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT to detect the modem.  Please refer to this related knowledgebase article for ways of changing the modem operation mode using VZ Access Manager for Windows or other tools.

Once configured for LAN mode, ensure that you can make a connection using VZ Access Manager and if your SIM card was assigned a static IP address by Verizon, verify that your PC receives that address.  We also strongly recommend installing the latest UML290 firmware upgrades on each modem.

Please contact Verizon Wireless Technical Support (800-922-0204) for assistance with VZ Access Manager and account setup issues.

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