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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
Unable to access the PocketPORT's Configuration page

Answer / Solution

There are several conditions which may prevent you from accessing the PocketPORT's web configuration page (

  • Allow the PocketPORT to fully boot up and the Status LED to flash 10 times before pressing the Reset button.  
  • Ensure that your PC is set to receive a DHCP (automatic) IP address.  You may need to release and renew (disable/enable) your Ethernet connection after putting the PocketPORT in Configuration Mode.  
  • Disable all other network interfaces on your PC such as Wi-Fi.  Connect an Ethernet cable directly from your PC to the PocketPORT.
  • Try closing all web browser windows and restarting your web browser to clear any cached security creditentials from previous Configuration Mode connections.
  • If the PocketPORT is not correctly configured for your USB modem, it may not be able to complete the modem initialization sequence and go into Configuration Mode.  Power off the PocketPORT, remove the USB modem, and power on again to access Configuration Mode.
  • If all else fails, perform a factory reset on the PocketPORT (hold the Reset button while applying power until the Status LED is solid red), then attempt to access Configuration Mode with no USB modem inserted into the PocketPORT.
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